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Geico Insurance Reviews and Customer Reviews

Brian Carrozzi October 31, 2013

gecko car insuranceGeico is probably best known for its humorous television commercials which feature numerous characters such as a talking gecko as well as cavemen. However, when shopping for auto insurance, there are a lot of things to consider other than how entertaining a TV commercial is. Obviously it’s important for auto insurance customers to look at the entire picture when purchasing an auto insurance policy, not just which company offers you the lowest or cheapest auto insurance rates. Although most insurance customers assume that they’re great drivers and will never get in an accident, when and if an accident occurs, it’s extremely important that your auto insurance company set your mind at ease, handle your claim quickly and effectively, and get your automobile back on the road as quickly as possible. If you are considering Geico insurance coverage for your auto, it’s important for you to read Geico insurance reviews from unbiased parties. Geico customer reviews are a great way to learn about existing Geico customer experiences. Geico customer reviews can be a great way to get an idea as to how well the Geico auto insurance company takes care of its customers.

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What is Geico Insurance?
GEICO is an acronym for its longer, less well-known name, The Government Employees Insurance Company. Geico was founded by Leo Goodwin in 1936. Geico’s business model was originally focused on serving US government employees and military personnel by providing them  with low cost, affordable insurance. Currently, Geico is the third largest auto insurance company in the United States with over 9 million auto insurance customers covering more than 16 million vehicles, including motorcycles, RVs, and boats. The company is headquartered in Chevy Chase, MD and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway. Geico has 12 major offices in the Unites States and has 24,000 employees. Geico is one of the fastest growing auto insurers in the nation.

Reading Geico Customer Reviews

When reading Geico insurance customer reviews, it is important to focus on getting a comprehensive, big picture view. There are some people that like to negatively review every company that they’ve ever worked with. Likewise there are people that like to give positive reviews to every company that they’ve ever done business with. Don’t be swayed by a few bad or a few good reviews. Try to focus on what the vast majority of reviews are saying, looking for common complaints or praises. If a large number of Geico insurance customers are making the same or similar complaints, there is a very good chance that those complaints are legitimate and that there may be real problems with the company.

Customer Ratings

There are a number of places you can read Geico customer reviews. The first place to check is Geico’s website. It’s very important to note that Geico is NOT going to post dispariging reviews on its website – so the reviews on their site may be a bit biased. Their site showed reviews with average ratings of 4.6 out of 5. There are over 6,000 reviews to filter through, so that should allow you to get a good feel for the company. These reviews are from real Geico customers.

Another credible source for reviewing Geico complaints or reviews is the Better Business Bureau®. Currently, the BBB’s website shows that Geico has a rating of an A- on a scale of A+ – F. There were 4 complaints with Geico’s product/service. However, all complaints have been resolved and satisfactorily closed.

A third source for unbiased Geico customer reviews is Out of 368 Geico insurance consumer reviews listed on,  Geico got 3 out of 5 stars. The reviews range in date from the 1990’s to very current. The majority of the Geico customer reviews are positive – however, there are some negative ones. The top reviewer on Epinions gave Geico a 4 out of 5 and had that to say:

  • Pros:Friendly service reps who aren’t pushy; Low insurance prices
  • Cons:On- line service could use a few enhancements
  • The Bottom Line:Geico is one of the better auto insurance companies for price and service.

If you are shopping for new car insurance it is important to do a lot of research – reading Geico customer reviews is an important part of that process. Overall Geico achieves an above average rating in not only customer service, but in auto insurance pricing as well.

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GEICO Car Insurance Programs for Federal Employees

If you are a federal employee you can save money with Geico car insurance. Geico was originally started as an insurance company for military officers and federal employees. They have been serving the general public for years, but still offer both military personnel and federal employees significant discounts and other helpful programs.

If you are a senior level federal employee or work for one of the 19 federal groups that have an affiliation with Geico, you may be eligible for a 3 to 10 percent discount on your insurance premiums. The amount of the discount varies by state and agency, so check their website or with your employer.

Geico Public Service Awards
In addition to discounts on insurance, Geico takes its commitment to public service very seriously. Every year, Geico honors federal employees, both active and retired, who have contributed to the public good. Geico believes it is important to shine a light on the important contributions federal employees make to the public good through service to the community, as well as scientific and medical breakthroughs. The winner receives a cash prize and a trip to Washington DC for the awards.

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund
Geico is the only corporate sponsor of this program that provides financial help to federal employees and their families for education expense and cases of financial hardship. They also helped established the Oklahoma Bombing Scholarship fund.

Leave Record Cards
Geico has distributed Leave Record Cards to federal employees for over 40 years. These cards help federal employees keep track of their leave and holidays.

Other Services
In addition to these benefits, Geico also provides other services. They have donated thousands of car seats to federal day-care programs, and sponsored health fairs that provide information and health products to federal employees. Geico also sponsors the Public Employees Roundtable, which helps shine a light on the good work that Federal employees do to help out the country on a day to day basis. Geico is a big sponsor of savings bond drives, which help publicize the importance of savings bonds.

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GEICO Car Insurance Programs for Military Personnel

Geico car insurance has been a big supporter of the military since its creation. While Geico now provides insurance products to the general public, it still takes care of its military customers with special programs, discounts and sales teams that understand the needs of military personnel.

If you are currently on active duty, retired military or in the National Guard, you can qualify for a discount of up to 15 percent on your insurance premiums. They have also recently expanded their Emergency Deployment Discounts, which offer significant discounts to people being deployed to certain countries. There is a list of approved countries on their website, along with an explanation of requirements. Geico also offers its military discounts to members of various professional groups that have a military affiliation. Check their website for details.

When deployed overseas, Geico can help with overseas insurance, both personal property and car insurance. Their 12-month auto policies make coverage easy, and include everything you need to register your car overseas. They also have offices in many countries, making claims easy to file and getting help as simple as visiting a local office. If you are being deployed for more than 30 days and need to store your vehicle, Geico can reduce or suspend your premiums as long as the car is in storage.

Geico is so committed to helping out military personnel that it has set up a military center, based in Virgina Beach, Virgina. It is staffed by former military members that understand the unique needs of people in the military. They are open 24/7 and can help you navigate the special insurance challenges that members of the military face. The members of their Military Assistance Program are always developing new insurance products to help out its military customers. Geico also offers free advice on its website, and useful tools such as a pre-deployment checklist to help military members properly prepare for departure.

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Geico’s support of the military does not just consist of discounts. They also fund and support many important programs directed at military families. “Baby’s First Ride” offers the use of car seats to Geico military members. They also sponsor The Geico Military Service Awards, which honors members of the military who provide various services to their local communities. The winners are flown to Washington DC to attend the ceremony and receive a cash award.

When it comes to insurance, there are a lot of options out there, but if you are a current or retired service member, it is a great idea to check out Geico for your insurance needs. They have a long history of supporting the military and its members through discounts and special programs.

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