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Remove Credit Collections Services from Your Credit Report in 3 Easy Steps

Brian September 11, 2018

Have you looked at your credit report and seen a collection from CCS? Then you have a debt with Credit Collection Services, part of the Credit Collection Companies. CCS works with several high-profile creditors, and unfortunately, the company has a reputation for using questionable tactics to collect debts. If you’ve got a collection charge from CCS, you need to know your rights. Below, we’ve put together 3 easy ways you can dispute and remove Credit Collection Services from your credit report.

Know Your Rights

Anytime you have to deal with a creditor, and especially one as aggressive as CCS, and you must know your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act outlines what creditors can and cannot do to collect on a debt. The Act also provides you with certain rights in regards to debt collection. Make sure you know what your obligations are and what the creditors can’t do when you are disputing a charge. Many debt collectors will gamble on the debtor not knowing their rights. Don’t be fooled when dealing with a collection agency.

What should you do first when Credit Collection Services tries to contact you?

Anytime you begin communicating with a collection agency, request that all correspondences be handled in writing. It’s crucial that you have a paper trail with a collection agency. Otherwise, they will try to weasel their way out of a bargain. They could even try to sue you in the future. You need to have written proof of what transpired between the two of you to avoid any more headaches.

When you request written communication only, let Credit Collection Services know that you are well aware of your rights under the Act listed above. This will prevent them from using shady tactics to get you to agree to pay.

How can you remove a Credit Collection Services debt from your credit report?

1. Make Credit Collection Services Prove that the Debt is Yours

Sometimes, collection agencies will assign a debt to the wrong person. In other cases, the agency may not be able to prove that the debt is yours. Under the Act, agencies must furnish the correct documents, upon your request, to show that the debt is yours. If they can’t prove it within 30 days of your request, the debt must be removed from your report. But, please be aware that when you request debt validation, you have to do it within 30 days of the first contact with the collection agency.

2. Negotiate to Remove Credit Collection Services

So you tried the debt validation letter, and it didn’t work, the debt is yours. Don’t panic. Your next step is to negotiate with Credit Collection Services to have the debt removed. Remember, do all of this in writing. Offer to pay half of the debt in exchange for removal from your credit report. Upon receipt of your payment, Credit Collection Services an agree to remove the debt. While it’s good to start negotiations at half of the debt, sometimes CCS will try to haggle. Don’t give up, and try to come to an agreement that’s fair to both of you as quickly as you can. The longer that negative charge stays on your report, the worse it is for your finances.

If you’re able to agree, don’t give CCS access to your bank account. Write up a check and mail it in instead, but only after you get them to agree in writing. After 30 days, follow up with CCS in writing to make sure the negative entry has been wiped from your credit report. If they haven’t yet honored their end of the bargain, send another letter requesting that they remove the charge.

3. Get Help from a Professional

Disputing a charge with Credit Collection Services can be stressful and time-consuming. Seeing a negative charge stay on your credit report while you haggle with the agency can quite an exercise in frustration. It can also harm your finances. Sometimes, it’s better to hire a professional to get Credit Collection Services removed from your credit report. If you want to get CCS removed from your credit report quickly, you should hire a professional. There are dozens of highly qualified legal advocates who can work with CCS and restore your credit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one today to keep your credit report healthy.

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