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Easy to use website, competitive rates, and one of the highest rated auto insurance companies in terms of customer satisfaction.

I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of State Farm commercials over the years, especially on Sundays with Aaron Rodgers “Discount Double Checking” on your TV screen. Retired farmer and insurance salesman, George Mecherle started the company in 1922. Today, State Farm is a mutual company owned by their policyholders. State Farm Employs more than 65,000 people including more than 18,000 Agents that service 81 million policies and accounts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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To measure the pricing of the auto insurance companies we reviewed, we created 3 different driver profiles:

  • 29 year old single male
  • 37 year old single male
  • 65 year old single male

For consistency, we used the same car model: 2008 BMW 335i Sedan, and geographic location: San Francisco, CA.

State Farm came back as having slightly below average rates in our comparison. We see great value here as State Farm is one of the highest rated auto insurance companies for Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Experience.

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Detailed Shopping Experience took a visit to the website to try out their online quote process. Once on the site, you see the familiar characters from their latest “Discount Double Check” commercial as well as a link in the center-left to “Get a Quote”. We entered our zip code here and clicked the “Go” button to proceed. The first screen is after your Name, Address, and Birth date. We liked the layout of this screen as each question had a playful/helpful graphic on the top (like a “Hello My name Is…” label above the Name field). This was pleasing to the eye when compared to the long list of vertical fields that most other sites use.

From there, the process was looking for information on our vehicle. One of the first things we noticed is that there was an actual agent’s picture and name for us to contact in the upper right hand corner. Assumption here is this agent was matched to us based on our entered address. Below that were links to click to initiate a Chat or request a call for further assistance.

With our vehicle’s information added, we were asked about our usage information. Standard questions here: Annual mileage and intended vehicle use. There was a unique question here asking if we wanted to participate in the “Drive Safe & Save” program. Further investigation on this makes it sound like a program where they will closely examine your actual mileage driven and possible use that info to provide future rate discounts. Driver information is up next, this includes standard questions about years of driving experience, previous minor violations (that have been dismissed via traffic school), Gender, and Marital status.

The next screen was looking for detailed info for any previous accidents, tickets and license suspensions that have occurred in the last 6 years. While we did not have any of these for the purpose of our evaluation, we found the system for adding these to be well implemented. If you had a ticket to enter, you would click the “+” sign and then would be presented with simple drop downs to explain when the traffic violation occurred and details for that violation.

After confirming the registered owner, we’re ready to click the “Get Quote” button. We’re then presented with 3 different levels of coverage as well as having the ability to customize our coverage levels. Our applicable discounts (such as Good Driver) are displayed on the right. There’s also a helpful note at the bottom that we can call request a chat, call, or even send our quote to an agent to make sure we’re getting the best possible rate.

Bottom Line

We at found State Farm’s website to be one of the best and easiest to use. The rates while not the lowest, are competitive with the rest of the industry. When you combine that with State Farm’s extremely high ratings for customer satisfaction, State Farm is definitely recommended.

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