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What is SR22 Insurance?

Brian Carrozzi September 5, 2014

If you have been pulled over and you were unable to provide the officer with proof of auto insurance after it was requested, then you may have been given a ticket. In addition, the court system within the state in which you live may have also required that you to obtain SR-22 auto insurance for a certain period of time. SR-22 insurance guarantees that you have at least your state’s minimum required insurance. You must carry proof, or an SR-22 certificate, whenever you operate a vehicle. Failure to provide your SR-22 certificate upon request can result in further requirements, and you could possibly even lose your driver’s license. Aside from being caught driving without adequate proof of insurance coverage, there are some other situations that could lead to you to be required to obtain this special type of insurance.

Why You May Need an SR22 Certificate

  • Being caught DWI or DUI.
  • Being involved in auto accident that was your fault,  yet you didn’t have insurance at the time.
  • Receiving a large amount of traffic tickets in a short period of time.
  • Previous suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Get the Best Rates

If you are in need of SR-22 auto insurance, then you are obviously looking for the cheapest rates. Just because you need this type of insurance does not mean that you must pay astronomical prices. Sure, SR-22 insurance is more expensive than just obtaining a regular insurance policy, because the insurance company of your choice will provide you with proof that they’ve guaranteed your auto insurance coverage for a particular period of time. However, just like regular auto insurance, this special insurance is offered by different insurance companies at different rates. So if you search around instead of settling for the first rate you’re quoted, you might be able to find a very affordable rate.

Talk with a Car Insurance Pro

Our service provides you with the ability to simply dial one phone number to obtain various quotes, and it makes things very convenient. It also prevents you from having to settle for calling a full list of different insurance companies to obtain separate rates. All you need to do is speak with one person, who can give you several different options during one convenient phone call.

So if you are required to obtain this special insurance and you seek the cheapest rates for a SR-22 guarantee, then you can obtain various quotes by making one single, simple phone call. Just take a moment to give us a call and we will provide you with the cheapest ways to obtain the SR-22 auto insurance that you need, and for the price that you want to pay.

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